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Acronis Files Connect Low resolution for a inch screen. Feels like the sound is coming from all around you. Voice stabilizer is an audio feature that is adjusting dynamically the variation of your voice. While an admirable volume is achieved by the speakers, they are nonetheless still laptop speakers, and an external set or a set of headphones will gain you much better sound quality.

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With the high resolution of x, and the perfect length and width ration of StaffMap 1 Justin Maximum use of your office space in ensured with this In order to get a crispy dialog from a movie or game, our advanced audio technology identifies and treats the center sound information, where dialogs are located.

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Your team will hear you loud and clear, giving you a huge advantage in the battlefield. Customize the radar that best matches the environment of your game and display it in the perfect spot on your screen depending on the game for maximum visual comfort.

RealTek Audio Driver 5. The colors from the display of the EX has an intense sense of levels, and you can even detect in the presence of the finest details. The keyboard isn’t the best we’ve used, the coating in particular caused fingers to slide over it more than usual, resulting in more typos than strictly necessary. Nahimic guarantees the perfection of your voice transmissions. Bass Boost audio feature delivers deep low frequency that punches some live feeling like explosion, engine, beats, etc.


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Your browser does not support the audio format. Refer to our web site for documentation, examples, and to test it yourself.

The Good Built well. Feels like the sound is coming from all around you. The Sound Tracker is made of moving beams in a round radar. The Sound tracker acts like a radar in your game and will be your best ally to navigate through an unfamiliar environment. It removes stationary noise from outside this beam, thus your conversation with your mate becomes extremely clear More.

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Don’t show this again. The Bad Software setup is frustrating and broken.

Keyboard squashed to incorporate power button. All specifications are subject to change without notice.


mso It doesn’t really make a big deal of this, in fact only a few media control buttons near the screen and the small sticker showing it’s “Dolby Home Theater” certified really give it away, otherwise it’s just a big, inch laptop.


Design MSI’s EX is a large beast of a machine — big enough to be qualified as a media-centred laptop.

Our noise suppression technology improves communication clarity and quality by drastically removing static noises like the ones generated by electronic devices fans. Namely, it provides a rich set of algorithms to work with graphs, as in graph theory graphs.

Number of elements to choose. Easy configure its position, size, colour, and transparency for an optimal in-game integration. Still, it seems the only reason they are squashed is that MSI has installed a strip on the left-hand side that only has one function — to house the tiny power button, which realistically could have been moved anywhere else. This extreme beamforming function allows to focus only in the voice signal in front of the microphone. The wrist rest of the laptop is brushed aluminium, with the mouse buttons being a part of the wrist rest itself.