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Using a black printed circuit board, what immediately catches the eye is its chipset cooler, which uses heat-pipe technology. The displays saving grace lies in its wide color space. Time for Fallout 4. Add in the fact that gaming performance tends to topple competitors and the GF62VR suddenly becomes one of the better “bang for your buck” gaming laptops on the market now. Technical Specification User Guide [pdf ]. Resident Evil 7

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CDM 5 Write Seq: The ti has a Proven track record.

Technical Details

I purchased this card expecting to set it around MHz with a more aggressive fan setting and forget it with the better copper heatsink keeping everything nice and cool. Music sounds thin, and highs easily overpower mids. This is still among the best scores we’ve seen from the GTX Resident Evil 7 Out of the box, the screen is disappointing, so if possible msk should be among the first thing new owners do.

MSI offers the device in both black and “Cool Gray,” which is an almost charcoal shade of silver.

Download Alexa for your Windows 10 PC for free. It should be noted that other manufacturers are starting to encase installed NVMe drives in heatsink-like enclosures, as these drives can run very hot.


Support For K8N Diamond Plus | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

After using our 72200 tools, the DeltaE for color falls to 3, while the grayscale DeltaE hits an impressive 1. There is also no noticeable backlight bleed along the edge. Compare with similar items.

Gamers wanting a faster refresh rate should look at the GF72VRwhich is equipped with a Hz panel. The matte case does well in keeping fingerprints off the faux-brushed metal finish, keeping the deck looking clean. The backlight is fairly even and in line with the competition.

K8N Diamond Plus (MSI) and nVidia RAID0+1 – switching mobo issues?

The GF62VR looks very capable on paper, and thanks to its aggressive price point, it offers great “bang for the buck”. Most AAA titles can mdi played at the display’s native resolution x at High or Ultra settings without breaking a sweat. On the positive side, there is no coil whine present in the device. See all reviews. My displays would go black and not respond until I force-restarted!

Paired with a gsync 4k monitor I’m in gaming bliss. In this review we will deeply analyze this new MSI release. MSI’s Dragon Center makes a return, and with it comes a slew of pre-installed software.

While it offers good, consistent performance and a color-rich display, these are offset by a poor quality TN screen with terrible color accuracy and annoyingly high-pitched fans. However, this rating belies the overall snappiness of the machine; rarely were we left waiting on the mdi to respond.


The whiny timbre can cut through ambient noise and can be heard across an office or room.

See All Buying Options. In addition to the weak color accuracy, color temperature is over 15, giving whites a blue tint. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. All said, the lid looks 7220 but feels weak, while the keyboard deck and bottom panel look cheap but feel solid.

The lid case is also very thin and can be easily twisted or warped, even under light pressure.

Onto the clock speeds. The cards must not be pre-binned as my card hits a wall after just MHz! Unsurprisingly, the dimensions are the exact same as the GE62VRalthough the newer GF62VR is about grams lighter likely due to the absence of the optical drive.

Simple set-up and Incredibly Efficient.