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DB9 – RJ45 adapter. I primarily dislike the physical bulk of the Keyspan adapters. First of all you need to determine which operating system you will be using the adapter with. The negative is that if you want to go around with a serial port you need a larger piece of hardware. Your header in Here.

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Sep 16, Posts: LordAthens Ars Praefectus Tribus: Get an FTDI based adapter.

Yes, I could take the aircard out, but since it’s in eject mode, I have to keep it Gorilla-taped in. Apr 30, Posts: I downloaded new drivers from FTDI, plugged the cable in, Windows automatically installed it, I updated the drivers, fired up the software and bam, worked like a charm. Aug 31, Mlschip Not everybody follows the convention though.

Tue May 03, 8: Wed May 04, 6: That and the recessed serial plug makes connecting some of the more bulky serial cables difficult. Your header in Here. This sounds like usv great deal, however when you receive the adapter and connect your device to your computer you will most likely get disappointed, because in most cases the adapter will not work properly with either your computer or your device. Sep 20, Posts: Customers who bought this product also purchased Fast Flush will speed up the response time of the serial ports by calling the Win32 PurgeComm function before reading or writing data.


If you are desperate you can use the libftdi driver for direct access, although that won’t work if you can’t modify the client application.

It hasn’t caused a problem yet, and has been rock-solid. That way, if the cable fits it works. Mar 26, Posts: I could cut away the shroud on the Keyspan or alternately constantly carry a short M-F DB9 cable, but that’s a pain. They’re basic two seriql LED panels that use the manufactures software package to do the moscbip, over RS of serisl.

MCS7820 — USB 2.0 to Dual Serial Controller

The product has been added to the shopping modchip. Oct 22, Posts: The added benefit is you can install the ethernet server near the device and access it remotely.

Serial to Ethernet Converters. If you find a USB to Serial RS adapter with any one of these processor chips it will most jsb be compatible with your device and any version of Windows, Linux and Mac, and you will be able to easily install the drivers and communicate with your device.


ASIX MCS – USB to Dual Serial Controller

The RS cable doesn’t work at all, the IO Gear is heavily glitchy and the Cables-to-Go version seems to have a pretty decent success, though it has glitches here and there. Most networking gear is Male-Male, so you need a cable in the middle regardless. I know this isn’t a direct answer to your question, but when presented with this problem I normally use one of two solutions: Your header in Here.

Tue May 03, 5: Usually the drivers work fine with Windows 98, and XP, however when it comes to Windows Vista and Windows 7 the problems starts showing.

Tue May 03, 2: Description We have decided to no longer sell Moxa products.