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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Even rare components like the dual FET transistors on the oscillator board could be functionally replaced by modern parts once any remaining stocks of the originals finally run out. I won’t give the details here. Post as a guest Name. No hand-matching required if you use a matched transistor pair. You might have expected that the swing-in behaviour would be exactly the same as on the Woodwind VCO , since it uses the same VCO core.

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Minimoog Model D

A closer look at the Prophet 5 VCO. Well, I suppose the slight difference oscillatof due to component variations. Inside a Moog modular VCO. This avoids some problems with the triangle and sine waveforms but limits the lowest frequency to circa 0.

The ideal temperature coefficient for this resistor is supposed to be ppm. So I think the annotation f is just wrong, and the other voltages given are consistent with each other. The parts were potted with Araldite. In fact in Moog have re-released the Model D and 40 years on it is as popular as oscillatkr


The sparse dual envelope generator board. Model Osvillator oscillator board. These should be in thermal contact and preferably potted together for lowest temperature drift.

Inafter founder Robert Moog regained the rights to the Moog brand and bought the company, the Minimoog Voyager, an updated version, was released. To keep these exponential converters stable required pairs of transistors that were closely matched and thermally joined. It was also popular in jazz, and Sun Ra became perhaps the first osillator to perform and record on his album My Brother The Wind with the instrument.

Triangle and sine converter schematics. Did Robert Ooscillator and his associates ever imagine that the Minimoogs that they were building would still be on stages and in studios in working order in ?


But with today’s op-amps and some other changes, it offers even better stability. Although unintentional, molg created the synthesizer’s “warm, rich” sound.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Thanks for the suggestions; perhaps more detail could be given only by those who have themselves built and tested the circuit, a club I hope to join very soon. Much like a guitar or piano string they will go out of tune when the ambient temperature changes. The oscillator board, located on the right hand side of the synth when looking from the rear.


Further analysis is given in the Minimoog Service Manual, Section 2. Model D buying guide. Thus the oscillator generates a falling sawtooth waveform with a frequency proportional to the current.

Here you plug in a component carrier where you solder the transistor pair and tempco resistor of your choice. Animoog Filtatron Model It turns out that “0. I’ll give a link in the question to an analysis. OP single precision op-amp 1.

Minimoog style VCO

Inthe company, now rebranded as Moog Music, released a new version of the original Minimoog. Sign up using Email and Password. This is common in analog synths, particularly in oscillators when it is desirable to keep the two transistors that are wired as a symmetrical circuit as close to the same temperature as possible so that they drift with temperature change at the same rate.

A tour inside the mighty Yamaha CS polysynth in pictures. The power supply boards.