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Any suggestion for this? I don’t know the solution yet however. I just put it to sleep again this time with pm-suspend instead of closing the lid and I got the warning on line again. I just started using Ubuntu officially for the first time on Saturday, so there’s not much else that I can do to help with diagnosing the pulseaudio problem. All I was able to do today was get further confirmation that the bug appears to really be in the kernel.

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Toshiba NB300 Netbook Windows 7 Drivers, Utility, Manual

Sorry, but there it is. No boot parameters or “always low” cpu speed required.

Service Plan Part Price. I followed the exact setup on creating a bootable USB on Mac. Has anyone tried TuxOnlce on these Toshiba netbooks? I gave up on compiling rc7. I’ve been on the 1.

More refinements More refinements Since I am a Ubuntu beginner, I have no idea how to actually install the patch. I’ll edit Grub in the morning. What command did you use? Then it just recycles over and over.

Now if only we could figure out how to get the brightness controls working I would update to either 9.


If I did so, would it take me to the terminal like this? They have a Chromium OS type philosophy where everything is in the cloud, so it nb30/nb305 not be to everyone’s liking but it has been really nice as a duel boot when I need to do something quick -even more so now with the hibernate support. I really appriciate if the people who fixed this problems answer.

This is how I have it and I don’t need to disable networking before I put it to sleep. Information in bold text is to be run from a linux terminal. When I did the install grub would not boot properly into windows either. You may also want to consider Xubuntu, which is much faster and less resource intensive on netbooks.

I seem to have another problem as well, that may or may not be related. What is really required is a patch to make the machine suspend and reawaken properly when the lid is closed You can’t connect to a encrypted network unless its your own or you have the key to use it. To update the boot parameters to allow suspend to work: This Netbook has been fully tested including the keys and Wi-Fi.


The other F keys don’t seem to, but I didn’t try much. I went to the site and downloaded the latest stable version 2.

Changing it to compatibility over AHCI did absolute wonders for boot speeds. Toshiba NB Part number: I’m still having the same wakeup problem, the netbook take about 10min to wakeup from sleep So lazy! Find great deals on eBay for toshiba netbook nb and toshiba mini nb No other bios setting change I could find effected it.

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I am including it here only so that others don’t try. Reading particular posts it’s suggested that I nb30/nb305 to boot into windows, enable it, then come back to ubuntu. Is it possible that you have only a partial install? But the rest of the FN keys and Brightness do not work.

I think I have it figured out and so far it is working.