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The V3 circuit board can directly read from a VR sensor. External wiring diagram for 4G63 all board versions:. It can be handy to get 2 sets so you can practice a little first. MS3 users can use the MS3X output card which gives 8 channels of logic spark without the need for any customisation. The next tooth on the main toothed wheel after the second trigger is defined as tooth 1. It does NOT have a distributor, as the spark plugs in the cylinders are connected directly to the coils. If both voltages are low, attach a 1K pullup resistor see HERE for a pullup diagram to the output wire of the hall sensor.

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Depending on what sensor you have depends on the input stage, but all sensors will need an opto isolator setup like this unless your using the VR conditioner circuit. To test megaswuirt alignment it is best to run the EDIS in limp home mode. Therefore an 8 cylinder engine can be run as either wasted spark or wasted-COP setup with ignitors off the same spark output to directly drive the COP’s.

We have designed this excel file to help you figure out the required settings, click on the image to download the file. The benefits are that the coil fires less often than when using a single coil and has more time to charge ready for its next spark. The trigger going low 0V sets off ignotion spark when cranking. Where the timing wheel has all of its teeth, a second input every crankshaft revolution can provide the same timing capability as a missing or filled in tooth. Many distributor cars with EFI already have a locked distributor.


Ignition Control with MegaSquirt-II EFI controller

Spark megasqirt “inverted” Dwell control with 5ms cranking, 4ms running and a 0. If you are after a pressed steel disc, try part no.

So if you have a oretc, set the Trig Return tooth thats at 10deg BTDC, this is usually the firing angle at cranking. Mounting the wheel is quite critical in that it MUST be mounted so it rotates without moving up, down, left or right as the sensor needs to see all of the teeth with a gap of 0. So to be safe simply drill and file out a slot for a new DB15 connector where the LED holes are in the front panel.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As can be seen, theres no proto area on the V3. Using the pots can assist megasquigt setting the values of the load resistor, along with a bench testing facility for the VR sensors and trigger wheel. It can function with just a variable reluctor crank position sensor VR sensor and a tooth wheel means ’36 teeth minus one’, and refers to 36 evenly spaced teeth, one of which has been removed.

Likewise the inner ring with only one hole is also read by an optical sensor, sent to the ECU and is referred to as the CMP signal. I would suggest buying the other bits locally. The single hole is the 2nd trigger “reset” pulse. Setting up the distributor Next Cylinder mode.


Direction of rotation for this example igntion Anti-Clockwise for below. The mounting bolts are either small metric or star bit. Set the Dwell to: The cross talk is very noticeable and caused misfiring. The 2 cylinders that are fired are the pair that move together and are therefore opposite each other in the firing order. If you use more than 2 spark outputs youll need to use the db15 connector, but ensure you strengthen the traces on the board with copper wire or solder to the pin directly, also connect the outputs in pairs of pins, as per the instructions HERE.


Distributor Points, Fuel only. Now it’s time to get out the timing light, and stab the Cam angle sensor ignitoon the engine. MSD ighition wiring diagram for a V2. If mounting them on the lid, fit them so when the lid is in place the FET’s end up on the bottom left corner, so when the lid is inverted like the picture they ignitioh at the top, this will ensure there is plenty of clearance for them inside the ECU when the lid is in place.

Try the following alternative instead. MS1-Extra Ignition Hardware manual. The HT leads are usually very short, ignitino the ends can be removed with some lubricant and re-used on new leads by re-crimping them with a pair of pliers.

Finding Edis 4 megasquirtt North America: Again it is recommended that you fit a db15 connector to the MS ECU in place of the LED’s, if using a 6 or 8cyl engine then fit a 25pin db connector instead of a 15pin. Driving two coils from the same spark output e.