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The 98DX83xx switch fans-out up to ports of 10GbE or 8-ports of 40GbE, in economical 24x20mm package, with power of less than 0. This new paradigm shift has made architecture decisions in the data center critical and influential across all Ethernet markets. The introduction of 40GbE and 25GbE augmented the wide diversity of Ethernet speeds, and although 25GbE was rumored to displace 40GbE, it is expected that 40GbE ports will still be deployed over the next 10 years 1. How can this problem be solved? However, over the past several years, the Ethernet landscape has continued to change.

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Ethernet switches with high port density of 10GbE and 25GbE are generally available. This simplified operational deployment results in the number of managed entities limited to only the high end control bridges.

We have moved forward, sort of. Port extenders can be oversubscribed or non-oversubscribed, which means the ratio of upstream bandwidth to downstream bandwidth can be programmable from 1: How can amrvell problem be solved? Without a chip specifically designed as a port extender switch vendors have continued to use their standard chips sets, without realising potential cost and power savings. This port extender approach was ratified into the networking standard This new diversity will require a set of solutions which allow effective support for 10bsae-t/ speed interconnect.

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Whether at home, at work, or on the move with our smartphones and other mobile computing devices, cloud compute and storage resources are omnipresent. But while data centers are moving to higher port density and higher port speeds, and homogenous deployment, there is still a substantial market for lower speeds such as 10GbE that continues to be deployed and must be served economically.


With an increasing number of applications and users, the annual growth rate is believed to be 30x per annum, and even up to jarvell in some cases. If you want to achieve great things, then we want to talk with you. Interconnecting all of these compute and storage marrvell is becoming a real challenge, as more and more switches are required. Driver Downloads Download the latest Marvell drivers for your specific device or application. Looking for our Products?

Marvell 10base-t/base-tx Ethernet Driver – setup-total

With no shortage of software engineers, the cloud providers took the management software development in-house while outsourcing the hardware design. Port extenders have very little or no software. However, in the broader market which includes private data centers, enterprise, carriers, multiple Ethernet speeds co-exist in many use cases.

Ability to economically scale-down to a few ports 2 Support of multiple Ethernet speeds Marvell launched a new set of Ethernet interconnect solutions that meet this evolution pattern.

The benchmarked design offers 2x cost reduction and 2x power savings. Most of the leading cloud service providers, with their significant buying power and technical skills, recognised that they could save substantial cost by designing and building their own network equipment.

Port extenders are only a fraction of the cost, power and board space of any other solution aimed for serving Ethernet ports. Hence, a new market reality evolved: And, like the servers and storage appliances themselves, these switches all need to be managed.

Port extenders can operate in any downstream speed: Samples and development boards with SDK are ready, with the option of a complete package of application software. Many in the data center industry saw this as the first step in disaggregating the network hardware and the management software controlling it. Along with the silicon solution, software reference code is available and can be easily integrated to a control bridge.


Port extenders communicate with any high-end switch, via standard protocol Marvell has launched multiple purpose-built port extender products, which allow fan-out of 1GbE and 10GbE ports of 40GbE and GbE higher speed ports.

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The PIPE approach also includes a fast fail over and resiliency function, essential for providing continuity and high availability to critical infrastructure. In the mega data center market, there is cannibalization effect of former Ethernet speeds, and mass migration to higher speeds. Ethernet has taken off in a meaningful way with 10BASE-T, which was karvell ubiquitously across many segments.

It also offers attractive cost and power consumption benefits, something that took the shine off the initial interest in port 100nase technology. Data Center and Cloud.

It is no surprise therefore that the demands on such infrastructure are growing at an alarming rate, especially as the trends of big data and the internet of things start to make their impact. However, over the past several years, the Ethernet landscape has continued to change.