Remember LTI only covers the basic hull insurance, which will replace a hull equipped with completely stock components. This is the crux of my post. Log in or sign up in seconds. Asking a question is not a problem, I downvoted you because it took me 3s to find the answer. Insurance is a wonderful mechanism for this game as it may limit kamikaze-grind players. Frankly, I’m on board with either LTI going away or just getting rid of insurance. It’s no more complicated than that.

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I am not a goon, but I am a heretic pariah in the SC community.

That make no sense imagine claiming insurance on your destroyed car and the insurance company keys scratched your door on your new car and chipped your windshield because it was like that before you crashed You still get LTI for new concepts, you just have to actually buy the new concept instead of just shuffling around purchases you made in the past.

Just as chemistry is a part of our daily lives, fu CIG’s end run around this appears to be making everything else except hull insurance more expensive.

Entitlement and complaining on an internet game forum are nothing new. I couldn’t care less about LTI 3559a warbound, but the marketing department constantly pushing the line to appeal to people’s sense 359s “value” bothers the crap out of me, especially with the shit they pulled in the past.

I apologize for my unwanted curiosity This sub has one of the highest downvote to upvote ratios because it’s largely populated by backers who want big news about Star Citizen and they downvote anything that isn’t a progress update on the game As for the LTI thing, getting LTI isn’t a big ltk if you have an LTI token, you can get it many different ways. Personally I don’t see that as a problem.


I, for one, think the insurance system needs an overhaul and LTI needs to be removed.

Drivers Download: Webcam Lti A

I also have reservations about how the system works, as I dont think anyone has sat down and figured it out.

The latest highly desirable imaginary spacecraft was priced aggressively and cash up front was required to get the most favored insurance arrangements included.

All these concept sales are just enabling CIG to carry on with just more concept sales. That’s exactly what LTI is, and ever was, it’s a tiny thing CIG gives you to express their gratitude for supporting them. I’m not a trader, just a dude who backed a year ago and even I have already more than 40 LTI tokens in my buyback just in case 359z so the LTI token aspect is not affecting that many old backers really.

These people, especially concierge members who are also veteran and original backers, are seeing that this is no longer true.

To buy 10 LTI A2 gm seller need to put 6. Do you want to send a Error report?

These ships will be earnable in-game and for reasonable amounts 359x money for their size, at least, we hope. A fail state, risk of dying, is absolutely paramount for me. It really isn’t that difficult of a concept grasp once you’re told everything.


The hotel is among the most renowned in the area and its ideal seafront location offers an unbeatable view over the whole bay and of ancient Nessebar.

Earlier backers have suggested that Life time Insurance is their reward for backing early while later backers suggest that all new concept ships should include LTI. Most of the gameplay systems are not even implemented yet. In this paper, we propose a starting point independent iterative learning algorithm.

LTI-359A Driver needed

Therefore, I see no reason not to give all pledge ships LTI. I’m seeing a lot of backlash on LTI only being on Warbond now. It’s just a pity we can’t have a discussion around here about anything without it descending into ridiculous hyperbole.

I see it as a nice to have bonus which I can take to whichever ship I choose in future. Basically people want their old perks to be guaranteed for life. And then, there’s all the other insurances that cover upgrades. Star Citizen Alpha 3. Because it won’t be a game anymore. It wasn’t the first, it won’t be the last, and I simply don’t trust their sales team to not take the low hanging fruit.

Even then, I’m not sure they’d take them out every day, especially if they tune the wear and tear mechanics right.