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Any one have an advice? Still, a lot better than other solutions I have tried which were just slideshows taking screenshots with ADB or whatever. Does the Chrome app install this to assist the setup? I can’t web debug my phone through chrome which is just great as a web developer. Chrome wouldn’t be able to see the device at all if that was the case.

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Unfortunately, different devices require different drivers in order to function properly.

That sucks, maybe e-mail sidesync. I’m trying this at my work where our network is crippled for security reasons and I’m just getting a spinning icon like this https: Phone reboot didn’t help.

It’s in the link, top of the thread. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Airdroid has this functionality but I don’t know if it’s any good.

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USB debugging is on, drivers are installed, but it doesn’t ask me for permission. Honest question since I tried it and got bored in the first few minutes. In order for ADB to work properly, you must have the correct drivers installed on your computer, which is where things can get a little frustrating. The computer’s RSA key fingerprint is: This a piece of code… […]. So, Vysor Share is actually the headline feature.


Universal ADB Drivers for Windows (from Koush)

A lot of bugs that way, if you do not use mouse. Will it work better with a USB 3. Win7x64, Vysor works on my Galaxy Nexus toroplus running stock. This is a beta app and there will be improvements, but it will always lag behind a bit, and look grainy during fast changing screen contentents.

Only non-“deal alert” third-party articles may contain affiliate links. Quite laggy on my device, but I’m excited for it’s potential. This a piece of code that allows you to connect your Android device to a computer to transfer photos, videos, music to and from the phone or tablet. But it also can’t compress too hard to leave you some computing power to actually use the phone. Screen and adb access to remote devices, shared easily via a link.

I just did something stupid. Windows Clockworkmod ClockworkmodWindows. They recently updated it, so try the latest Windows version of Sidesync and see if it works: Some of the ADB wifi apps on the play store require root.


Koush releases Vysor (beta) app for controlling Android phones from a computer : Android

Nexus 4 connected via USB on win7 work computer. I’m trying this at my work where our network is crippled for security reasons and I’m just getting a spinning icon like this. If so, it could be a driver issue. Question, any chance it will be available without the need for Chrome? Not everyone has to like everything that everyone else likes. You are commenting kojsh your Facebook account.

Download Android USB drivers for Windows and Mac

I shall be watching this space. Sign up using Email and Password. Try it on your home machine and it should work just fine.

Worked great at home.