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Early season in the Maldives has delivered plenty bowls. But for as much of an adolescent surf star as Kolohe is, he still clams up in the spotlight. This is excerpt 1 of 3 from our new film Brother. The best looking waves right now. He grew up in front of us. World Surfaris Mentawais March Gallery. Norway Day 2 Edition.

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Dropping In with Kolohe Andino Home World of X: Brother The Boat Trip: Fanning beaten in his farewell Bells final. Mentawai Islands August It might be spring, but it’s still cold enough to daydream about Indonesian perfection like this.

Designed to fill the missing link between midlengths and shorter performance and alternative designs, this is the Christenson Nautilus Surfboard Review! Film by Toby Cregan Scorched’ is a nod to old school surf ,ini before things were too serious — but with surfing! Report a Bug Ads on XGames. High Crest Manly – Nth Steyne. X Games Norway Margaret River Pro canned amid shark fears. The return of Lil Wayne.


What Youth Issue 1. The son of a pro surfer, he was wandering the world at 10, heavily sponsored at 15, and a CT star It was only a matter andinoo time before Kolohe Andino was hoisted onto the shoulders of his San Clemente surf rat friends and carried up the beach. World Kolhoe Mentawais March Gallery.

Norway Day 3 Edition. Surfing, Skateboarding, Music, Photography, Travel, Culture and general antics of the youth on the run. Exit Strategy Molohe by the foam.

Social Photos of Kolohe Andino – love this weather tho – World Surf League

When the Hurley Pro battle begins at Trestles this September, what most fans won’t realize is a good chunk of the competition will have already taken place. Humming in anticipation and excitement, while pondering the perplexities and intricacies and interactions of the human experience on this strange planet we live on.

I probably made it almost a year ago. Monday 23rd May Swell Diary.

Zndino the next time I rode it was what everyone said was the best day of the year at Rincon last year. Part I CW survey results are in.


What Youth » Brother – The Boat Trip: Part 2

Jet lagged and filmy with travel debris. Whizzing past the surfboard-stuffed mini van are entire families of five on single scooters, carrying scrawny dead chickens ready to be de-feathered, butchered and cooked for dinner. Completely passed out asleep, the sprawled out grom of old. Coastalwatch’s chief swell forecaster, Ben Macartney, scratches beneath the sea surface looking at wave period.

Kolohe Andino is a second-generation pro from San Clemente, California. The Real Mikey Wright: Taj Burrow you guys!

Best of X Games Minneapolis Show. Random Pick Bondi Beach Sydney.

Matt Biolos My Quiver Pt 4–Lost Mini Gun

Indo Is Going Off! Our new film is almost ready for you. To Me Plus other sad things.