My hope was that, since the OS 9 drive and OS 8 drive seemed to share a. The install failed The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Wed, Jan 28 With the driver installed but no adapter plugged in I can operate just fine – no kernel panic. Now with a bona fide 28XG all is well under El Capitan. This was not enough to power the MS during receive. Keyspan not working Reply Contact Gentlemen:

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I get OS 9 running and have appletalk running Package name is keyspanUSAdrvr installer: This program is available on request, see below for address. Wed, Jan 28 9: Added link to MacConnector page.

Oct 2, 9: The initial problem was that the USB adapter provides only one control line output see pinout on the Keyspan product support keyspab. Oct 5, 9: Download ZTerm or a similar serial communications program for the Mac.

Wish there was a way of avoiding these crashes! For warranty information about this.


How to recognize [KeySpan] USB conversion adapter on macOS High Sierra(10.13)

Since there are two ports, I build a small adapter to use the control line from the second port to provide the other level. Did you ever get it working?

That is just my personal system. It may install without you having to resort to the custom install that I tried if you install before upgrading to El Capitan. leyspan

The first step ysa-28x to install the Keyspan serial adapter drivers. The end result should be a kext file KeyspanUSAdriver. Fri, Feb 27 3: This matrix does not represent an endorsement of any products.

I uninstalled my old keyspan driver. Guess I’ll try my old one first. I hope someone can figure this out. The one I had was in fact a USAXB which looks the same and was working with the old XG driver, but it’s just different enough to be unsupported and have this annoying incompatibility with the current driver.

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Oct 19, 1: In Mac OS 9, the unit works fine enough. Error from command line is I was hoping for more detail from the keeyspan line for what caused the error: Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.


I can run the installer successfully but only if I do not install the folder. But when it rebooted everything worked!

Keyspan Device Drivers

Life newsletter, Issue 9. Keyspan USAX; driver here. I had been using the 28X with absolutely no problems but decided to see if I could transition over. Keyspan has never updated their software so that it works with MacOS 9. Tue, Jan 27 1: Believe it or not I use the Tripp Lite USAHS on at least a weekly basis and is an upgrade deal breaker if support has been eliminated or if the manual uda-28x to enabling support are unwise.