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Her other skill is Nocturnal which makes her a great situational driver for races taken place at night. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. One, but they also appear once a year after you have beaten Formula 1 once. Early on you only have a few races to choose from, but eventually you’ll be able to browse a number of outings that feature tougher tracks, smarter drivers, and higher cash payouts. Won it easily, and in fact, my second best car, without an aura, came in 2nd by a full second.

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I eventually upgraded my phone from Android 1. The effectiveness of your sponsorships also boosts the amount of experience your vehicle and racing parts earn after each event. Use the Favorites editor. Try brand strike a nice balance between upgrading your car and upgrading your driver. From Japanese developer Kairosoftcreator of Game Dev Storycomes another surprisingly deep simulation game for the mobile market. Pages containing drivel Pages needing wikification.

In addition, you will be rewarded some fan appeal and rank points.

Grand Prix Story

His first skill, Aero-dynamite, paired with his excellent stats makes him the best B growth aero tester in the game, although won’t last very long until you find a better A growth candidate.

You can still train while stofy being repaired, so get ready for the next race. There are several different types of car to select and develop – unlocked by upgrading your current ride – and a bunch of different drive types to select, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.


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There’s just one car to customize, you have a skeleton mechanic crew, and your single driver is all you have to rely on to stay in the races. Analysis — Affects the amount of Research Data you earn as you race.

His first skill, Test Driver, paired with his great Strength makes him a possible end-game test running candidate despite his bad Analysis.

Tips (Grand Prix Story 2)

After the aero-test stage, swap it again with a Test Track. He is generally the first C growth mechanic to appear on the hiring list. To that end it probably took 10 hours to get to this point. Does anyone knows how to win the race in russia im completely at a lost. Don’t have an account? Don’t just read reviews or play games on JayIsGames. No farming, just a little bit of grinding and intelligent stat adjustments. To know if you are able to win the GP, try all the levels you unlock by placing first on previous ones and place always first with some seconds of margin.


After a vehicle races, it will need to be repaired. Won it easily, and in fact, my second best car, without an aura, came in 2nd by a full second. Her first skill, Race Analysis, is a very useful one and pairs insanely well with Feedback drivers.

Grand Prix Story/Cars — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

Strap in, because it might get bumpy. Research, however, takes into account the complexity of the vehicle, as well as how much you’ve use the vehicle, and will give you Research Points.

Retrieved from ” http: The car Your car is arguably the most important member of your team, so it’s important that you develop a race-winning contender. This page has been accessedtimes. That’s weird, the ATA of my mechanics at max level is different from yours. Once you’re satisfied with how your vehicle runs and how your crew performs, it’s time to go race.

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Her Instant availability paired with her super good stat distribution makes her the best B growth designer candidate in the game and makes hiring her a very recommended choice.