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CPC may state that the cartridge was identified with the density specified by the customer but DSPTAP will list the highest density the cartridge can be initialized to. In early tape drives, non-continuous data transfer was normal and unavoidable. Multiple head assemblies and servos per drive [16]. Selecting the data compaction option will usually result in an increase in both capacity and data transfer rate. RAM buffer to mask start-stop delays [6] [7]. An R indicates Read only.

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Early drives used very large spools, which necessarily had high inertia and did not start and stop moving easily. Auto load soft load Form factor: Maximum Number of Drives.

Tape drive – Wikipedia

Under the worst case condition, even the tape loading process can result in damage. These tapes sequetial not supported in these drives and will be rejected.

The following tape drives support Optimum Blocking: InFujifilm and IBM announced that they had been able to record When ordering short media JJ and JK that additional options exist that can permanently limit the cartridge capacity. Refer to Note 2.

The long thin loops of tape hanging in these vacuum columns had far less inertia than the two reels and could be rapidly started, stopped and repositioned.


In this situation, the modern fast-running tape drive is unable to stop the tape instantly. DECtape had fixed-size indexed blocks that could be rewritten without disturbing other blocks, so DECtape could be used like a slow disk drive. Under worst case condition, even the tape loading process can result in damage. Archived from the original on May 14, Note 12 Note 13 Note Tape cartridge with single reel First tape library with robotic access [5].

This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat The cassette contains magnetic tape to provide different audio content using the same player.

Expansion module, Model E9U: None of the above, continue with my search. Use of plastic tape cellulose acetate ; 7-track tape that could store every 6-bit byte plus a parity bit.

IBM Tape Autoloader VXA-320 Free Driver Download (Official)

As of [update] tape drive technologies capable of higher capacity were still being developed. Archived from the original on September 22, Many computers had an interface to store data via an audio tape recordertypically on Compact Cassettes.

The tape was stopped only when the buffer contained no data to be writtenor when it was full of data during reading. Number of Tape Cartridges. Example speed levels could be 50 percent, 75 percent and percent of full speed.


Inactive burnishing heads to prep the tape and deflect any debris or excess lubricant Section of cleaning material at the beginning of each data tape. Data tape drives may use advanced data integrity techniques such as multilevel forward error correction, shingling, and linear serpentine layout devjce writing data to tape.

Tape drive

R indicates Read only. The Commodore Datasette was a dedicated data version using the same media. Simple analog Compact Cassette audio tape recorders were commonly used for data storage and distribution on home computers at a time when floppy disk drives were very expensive.

The outer shell, made of plasticsometimes with metal plates and parts, permits ease of handling of the fragile tape, making it decice more convenient and robust than having spools of exposed tape. Use of DC and DC tapes or any other Oe tape types might shorten the life of the tape drive and cause higher maintenance. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.