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At that time my only working Linux box was my router, so basically I had to wait a couple of hours for the thing to compile. This is the ‘driver disk’. Since installation by conventional methods seems hopeless, I’ve considered trying something different, like using a CD-based distro to create a custom kernel and using it for the install, but i don’t have enough experience with Linux to know how to go about doing this. Not sure with Redhat’s style anymore. There are more information about this issue on Microsoft support site: Jul 20, Posts: I posted it to you direct, but here’s an edited version for the list:

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After getting the module on said disk from a friend, the installation of Hptt370 Linux 7. Hope you’re lucky – took me just short raif six and a half hours with a few beers to work that lot out.

Learn more about securing your PC These articles should help you further: Before downloading, verify that you have the latest Windows drivers! If you remove a disk from the controller but the software does not notice this event, it is also unable to notice the event when you plug another disk back to that location.

Need Help Installing Linux on HPT 370

Thu Aug 30, Otherwise your data may be lost when you want to put it back later. Restart and check the settings of HPT via dmesg. Found a bad link?


There are more information about this issue on Microsoft support site: I simply compiled myself a custom kernel with HPT support built in I believe I had to apply patches; that may no longer be the case with the latest 2. If your controller is builtin to your motherboard, I devce you do as highpoint asks you to, and contact your motherboard maker.

Now you can install the RH7. Most browser exploits and viruses target Internet Explorer so it’s best you consider an alternative. Your help is greatly appreciated, MilleniX.

Need Help Installing Linux on HPT – Ars Technica OpenForum

This is the ‘driver disk’. If alls well, you should reboot the machine and you should come up ok as before – if you’re deviec windows on there too you’ll probably find it re-finds some of the plug and play devices.

I can’t remember where I found this, but again if you want a copy I can forward it to you. Just type rawrite and follow the questions I posted it to you direct, but here’s an edited version for the list: Fri Aug 31, 1: The latest firmware and product documentation will be available for download at http: Get cbrom; this again is from Award; if you can’t find it I can send hlt370 that too sorry for being a little vague on where they are but I don’t have the URLs handy – I seem to remember they were all locatable from the ABIT site.


Again, run it without parameter first so you can get the param-list.

When it finished I took that bzImage and copied it onto the Rescue floppy the one you boot from when installingreplacing the kernel image on there. This isn’t a troll, really.

Detailed logs

Fri Aug 31, 5: Get tech support here. No ; Try disinfect: The best way to do this is to use the DRDOS boot disk – there’s an image that will allow you to do this called ‘drdflash.

Do yourself a favor and dump it if you want to use anything Be, Linux etc other than Windows Those instructions in the Highpoint docs aren’t gaid that clear – there’s a dfirectory raie the install called the driver disk as well as the kernel image – you can copy the driver disk files onto a DOS disk – RH’s installer reads DOS disks OK took a stab in the dark with that one.

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