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OMNIkey dongle wont work. Skip to main content. Could not install driver for class GuardantDongles The durability and reliability of protection is directly dependent on whether the protection is properly designed and implemented in the application. High resistance to hacking is achieved through a secure communication protocol between the application and the dongle. May be add proxy settings or local path to driver folder? Why you need Guardant Sign Guardant Sign is a leading edge dongle that protects software from illegal copying.

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The dongle contains hardware-implemented digital signature algorithms based on elliptic curve cryptosystems and AES encryption. There is also a network edition dongle called Guardant Net II.

May be you can give me temporary lic for 2 devicies? Pls interract with me I need it. What version of the server. Hardware platform bit Cortex-M3 microcontroller.

Guardant Stealth II

Guardant Stealth II is a mainstream dongle with basic functionality. Now Stealth II is being produced on the fast bit Cortex-M3 microcontroller with bytes of non-volatile memory. Guardant Stealth II is a fast dongle with basic functionality. A dongle for software licensing, protection, and distribution with Windows and Linux support. Connection 1 successfully removed reason: Thus, the copying of protected software is meaningless because without a dongle it becomes unusable.


Guardant Sign micro A miniaturized full-featured Guardant Sign dongle. It is used for software protection based on its symmetric encryption functionality.

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NET applications so that the only computer where the dongle is plugged will run the protected application for this dongle. Found Full speed device [b: It has a number of cryptographic algorithms including tailor-made GSII64 or bit key for symmetric encryption.

A miniaturized full-featured Guardant Sign dongle. Thanks again, we will wait this feathure.

How does Guardant Sign work The technologies implemented in Guardant Sign dongles and software enable you to create a highly complex protection system, the hacking of which will be either impossible or economically unfeasible. Why you need Guardant Sign Guardant Sign is a leading edge dongle that protects software from illegal copying.

Could not install driver for class SmartCardReader Do you have a linux machine? Who is Guardant Stealth II for? Tell me pls, if server does.


Stealth II allows developer to protect local Win32 or. It enables you to distribute more than one license a dongle and further licensing within a local network for your clients. If it will works – we plan to by unlim lic and may be several. Replugged, restart server and client – no result. Guardant Stealth II is a widely used dongle for software protection against piracy and unauthorized use.

Found Full speed device [0a Pseudo-code and obfuscation of protection components. Plan to buy unlimited lic but seems to be early. Convenient means of distribution of protected applications on dongles with flash memory. Has a LED light with diagnostic purposes.