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The telephone call might be recorded to correctly understand your inquiry or to later check how the receiver provided support. Supports Mac OS 8. This allows, for example, automatic processing of operations such as conversion to DocuWorks documents or PDFs and transfer to a PC simultaneously with reception. A3, 11×17″] A5 [ For By-pass Tray: Note 3 When operating with the authentication function.

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Apeosport-kii setting a Job Flow to send the received fax from the mailbox of ApeosPort, digitization and distribution of the received fax documents can be achieved with ApeosPort alone.

By issuing ID information to the paper documents themselves, in case of information leakage, details about the leaked documents, cx as when and by whom that document was copied, printed, faxed, or scanned can be ascertained.

A3, 11×17″] A5 [ For By-pass Tray: For more information or detailed product specifications, call or 30010 us at Fuji Xerox Co. By using various Job Flow registrations set according to your network environment and work flows, ApeosPort helps maximize your work efficiency.

ApeosPort-III 4000/3010

Equipped with copy, print and scanning functions as well as a large-sized color control panel right. For example, with one-time scanning, ApeosPort achieves dynamic and smooth document distribution such as saving to multiple PCs and servers, and sending as an e-mail attachment, Internet fax, or regular fax. Domestic and overseas bank notes and coins, government-issued securities, national bonds and local bond certificates. Not all of the indicated hard disk capacity may be available.

Output Paper Size Min. Dispensed with complex settings, users can easily retrieve capacious color data Note 2 without putting any burden on networks or mail servers. These efforts promote further digitization throughout the office and contribute to greater utilization of electronic documents while maintaining the same level of security in all models as well as a uniform authentication environment.


Black & White – One Copier

All 22 models are equipped with the latest common controller software, thereby enabling the same level of security as well as a management environment with uniform authentication and tabulation among a mixture of multifunction devices even with different functions. When sending scanned data via e-mail or Internet fax, apeosport-iiu e-mail address of the remote party can be searched and acquired from an LDAP server. Please be careful about the management of equipment used.

Only indicates the time for transmitting the image information and does not include the communication control time. Supports Mac OS 8. This new range of multifunction devices allows users to import paper documents as digital data to their PC through simple operation regardless where they are working.

ApeosPort-III / |

Certificate stamps stipulated by law. Document may not be printed correctly depending on usage conditions.

The telephone call might be recorded to correctly understand your inquiry or to later check how the receiver provided support. A3, 11×17″, Long size document Max. Note 1 Via the same network.

If a confidential document is leaked, the exact document can be quickly investigated based on the document image. When the optional inner catch tray is installed, the capacity of the center tray is sheets A4LEFand that of the inner catch tray is sheets A4LEF.


The total communication time will vary depending on the contents of the document, the type of machine receiving the fax, and line condition.

Equipped with copy, print and scanning functions as well as a large-sized color control panel left. However, you cannot use this service with an extension telephone with call area restrictions. Number of ports is that of the channels that can be used for communication. Be sure to ground the machine. When A4 size document with approximately characters is transmitted in standard image-quality 8×3.

Black & White

This can be achieved by the combination of scanning and fz functions of a multifunction device, which enables users to email the information of where the scanned data is stored to their PC using the authentication function.

For example, materials used in a meeting on other floor or at other building Note 1 can be scanned in a secure environment on a nearest multifunction apeosport–iii to be sent to a PC. The scanned document can be retrieved simply by clicking on the URL of the storage location that has been sent to the PC Note 3.

The other is that the accumulated commands can be checked and unnecessary output commands can be deleted, which minimizes wasteful printing. Electronic data that is too heavy to attach to an email can be sent as well.