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Warren Hill 3, 9 Then check the clock signal. Post as a guest Name. The best way to verify systems that are being prototyped is to test all the pieces one by one. In your schematic it is.

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IP address to be resolved. I’m had some performance tests too. Murphy’s law” 1 14 Replies Related Threads. Caballero Senior Member Total Posts: I’ll post another article with the results linx additional tests as soon as I find some extra time to put everything together. TCP requests no stack, no packet reconstruction.

Integrated Systems Lab, Swiss Fed. I too have been doing performance testing with the ENCJ Why does my PIC32 run slower than expected? There is also a register that lets you monitor the status and led state. Then it talks about another “bit” in a configuration register, I’d imagine that this would change it to something you’d expect, but you have to connect to it with a micro to write to this register.


Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. My current test setup: Maybe try configuring it as 10Mbps to make auto-negotiation easier and then see if the LEDs light?

The Ethernet services are not stopped while this routine waits for ARP reply.

Just to know how I can make connections properly. Otherwise DHCP will override these settings. When set, MAC multicast traffic will be enabled. As reported by Howard in the stack helpthere seems to be only enc424j6600 perf. This is DNS module routine.

Pointer to the global variable holding gateway IP address.

The function must return the length in bytes of the UDP reply, or 0 if nothing to transmit. ECos is not related to the Linux llnux system. ENC24J controller settings parameters not mentioned here are set to default: I need more speed! I’ll doing additional tests with different configurations, long time ago I did some UDP based tests using a modified version of the 3. This ilnux is internaly splited into 2 parts to help linker when coming short of memory.


Encj linux download

Ping is the stock way to test basic comms with any IP network. When set, packets with invalid CRC field will be discarded.

It also provides an internal, bit wide DMA module for fast data throughput and hardware assisted IP checksum calculations. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Although the datasheet says that the LEDs will light up as long as lunux “Ethernet magnetics are present and wired correctly,” it is possible that they will not turn on until the auto-negotiation process is completed.

So far, I see the following: Ethernet module has to be initialized. ARP cash can store up to 3 entries. I have tried it out, but is quite slow chip, only 10T.