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They updated their main page, and somehow managed to remove the link for alsa-driver and replace it with kernel. I updated my post. In reply to this post by Clemens Ladisch. I’d like to try it again but with my EMU m? In the same folder, open the file.

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Since I’m not a Linux user, I simply didn’t understand what I saw.

Know what you mean about 10k years. Playback is working though. Nov 9, at 6: Do you already have an account?

If not, what is the output of “rmmod snd-emu10k1; modprobe snd-emu10k1; dmesg tail”? If you are not sure which card you have, try running lshw -c sound in the terminal. Go to the folder where you extracted alsa-firmware in the terminal. First it’s mebeing blid and not familiar with PCIE slots.


All you have to do to start it is to run in the terminal alsamixer. But my Delta was correctly detected. Post lijux of 9. Find the line with.

Emu M PCIe – LinuxMusicians

I would have been more suspicious of the PCI confiruation, since I got this board only two years ago. Post 2 of 9. Post 3 of 9. Post 5 of 9. Should lspci show more? I shouldn’t have wait that long with my card, but instead I should have sent it back to the dealer and bought another card. Add the medibuntu repository. To be on the safe side you might want to have alsa-tools installed. Read more about jack on wiki. On Sat, April 6, Join Date Sep Beans 3.

EMU 1212M Linux

As far as I know, the m will not work in Linux. July 17th, 8. I do know that it’s source code so it would need to be compiled and installed.

Nonetheless it is available to download at their download page. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Join Date Apr Beans 7.


E-MU 1212m soundcard installation help for the blind

Perhaps you need to loosen the screws for other cards, to ensure that there’s less tension. In reply to this post by Ralf Mardorf.

Bengt Nilsson 1 1 1. My sound card was an EMU, which uses the same more or less driver. Unless there is a way to reverse the firmware update which I don’t think is possible.

Worked as a charm. Ask the most self-confident “noop” just to size up, if the angle of the card does look right-angled enough and if there’s any latch that is not correctly locked in place.