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Idea is in the event of a crash or sudden engine stop the pump and the fuel injection is disabled as per OEM. Use coil supply KL15 to 4 pole coil pack supply. My suggestions based on my own cars would be to use the existing supply points as you have already discovered for the fuel pump, ECU supply, tach input and KL15 coil supply. Anybody know if the emerald tacho output is adjustable?? Tacho Driver Wire needs to be soldered to the circuit board on the right hand side of the White thing as your looking at it in the picture.

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Use the black and yellow also to supply the ECU on 28 and Why not just buy a accurate undamped “race” tacho??

I checked everything was connected and I had a live, and still nothing. So I have a loom that has been cut when I was removed.

Yes it has all 14 pins getting used? This setup has been in mk1 cabby a few yrs ago.

For latest news from Emerald M3D. Edited December 16, by brownbear.

Tacho driver

ToyotecApr 10, I started with the digital one as I thought if any were going to work it would be this one. The red and yellow wire in the scuttle I think is fuel pump trigger and connect to ecu pin 20 fuel pump relay driver? It is the one thing I have learned over time towards a pretty trouble free electrics. As with previous Emerald ECUs the K6 continues to provide class leading features with intuitive and easy to use software combined with future proof upgrade options. Already have an account?


It’s possible the tacho is simply not compatible, but hopefully I can adjust the ecu output rather than having to replace with a new tacho.

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And also the tach box 12v supply. My suggestions based on my own cars would be to use the existing supply points as you have already discovered for the fuel pump, ECU supply, tach input and KL15 coil supply.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Posted June 20, That looks to be what I am after.

DTA S40 Pro ecu & Emerald Tacho Convertor

My old one could be adjusted, but only marginally. Not yet mate thoght i would ask on here 1st incase someone uses the same.

I spoke to emerald and they sent me the following diagram, also said that the extra wires in the original picture are for a tacho pic up using dioades, I’ve got their tacho box so have done away with these.

The first bit is just me blabbing at how I got to where I did, so feel free to miss that bit out. Not sure but I think they can be “adjusted to accept 6 cylinder input. I’ve gone through the loom I got with the emerald and tidied it all up and covered it in a braided emedald covering.


The older smith tachos are setup for 4 cylinders If so it should be a fairly easy job to move the coil wires from the small box back to the main ECU My k6 is going in the original ecu location also.

Tracknite Sequential Shift Light, tachometer and battery monitor

For some reason someone has a later ECU that should be wired directly to the coils but has used this external coil driver module instead. Does anyone know the method of driving the standard rev counter from a wasted spark coilpack inputs?

When emerld buy an ECU from Emerald they supply a wiring diagram that is specific to the application. What configuration is your emerald set to After posting on another thread Pugtorque offered to send me a couple of rev counters to try, a Pin1 converted one and a Digital one to see if they worked.

Mine’s ok if your driving at a constant speed but as soon as you accelerate quickly it lags behind.