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Windows Explorer Shortcuts for win xp,vista,7. I have to reload to successfully view a page how it looks in reality. Go up to step 2: You must log in or register to reply here. In IE clear your temporary files. You have to use a ballpoint refill discarded!

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Was lookong for solution to my queries related 2 buying a modem, came across ur forum. Type user name as admin and password as admin and click on OK Button.

If changed enter the same accordingly. Unfortunately apps has stopped: May be this point? By resetting the modem you will have the same problem! Now your MAC address has been added.

ZTE ZXDSL modem configuration

Your speed is OK. If u are using external Hard disk regularly if u think the access speed of ur ex hard disk is slow means u can increase it performance by en Can u pls tell me the where is the reset button on zte zxdsl B router. Open your internet explorer and type Type user name as Are they Lie or there is some problem with my connection, If u have same plan as me how much speed have you got.


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Where is Reset button for ZTE ZXDSL-531B Modem

Click Apply, It will take a moment to apply your settings. Sometimes he is using youtube too much and dataaone internet slow down a lot.

Next Question is I subscribe in Unlimited plan but i have got only 30 kbps speed through out 24 hours. They have just given the modem to me and told that everything is ready.

I am very thankful to you Useful For the rookies. Should i config the modem as explained very well by you?

Configure ZTE ZXDSL 531 (TYPE-2) 4-LAN/Wireless LAN Modem for BSNL broadband

This page allows you to configure basic features of the wireless LAN interface. Thank you in advance. Go up to step 2: Session established by should be marked as Always on, Click Next. Thread starter Masooque Start date Mar 9, Im datsone my internet with may neighbor, Im okay with that. Usefull Internet Explorer Shortcuts.


Probable reason of this is, during modem configuration there is one page which depicts one table.

Then I reload constantly: As per your operating system and the compatibility of WiFI adapters you can configure the settings accordingly. Are you on “dialup”mode or “”Always On” Thanks for dataonr the tag entries here.

WiFi configuration and security settings of ZTE-ZXDSL ADSL Modem

You can select a particular channel on which to operate, force the transmission rate to datakne particular speed, set the fragmentation threshold, set the RTS threshold, set the wake up interval for clients in power-save mode, set the beacon interval for the access point, set XPress mode and set whether short or long preambles are used.

Windows Explorer Shortcuts for win xp,vista,7.

Here are some useful windows XP Shortcuts: