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I, as most of the time you will be on the music screen and everything you need is basically a button away. Post 5 of 7. Lonely Night, Its a Sunny Day and so forth. Personally I found the reverb effects were not to my taste but the consistently high quality of the output – hiss-free, low distortion and beautifully clear – was not adversely affected. Theres no sugar-coating here, it has as much sex-appeal as a bandaid. The gloss display is prone to glare in bright light and is a fingerprint magnet. The all-important sound quality Up until this point, I’ve mentioned a few things I like about the C2 and brought up quite a few niggles and nitpicks – but I haven’t yet got to the audio reproduction capabilities.

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If you choose JetEffect 3. USB flap and cowin. In reality, everyone will see the U. Top 10 most innovative cycling products of You do have the ability to record what you listen to, and favorite stations can be saved but there’s no station name listed, just the frequencies although, by editing the radio.

Samsung China wants to make flip phones cool again. Round the back is a small built-in speaker which pumps out sounds when the earphones are not plugged in. The trebles are extended, without ever becoming overbearing, the mids are perfectly balanced allowing a great sense of space and an overall airy feel, and the low end bass that was dorment during the non EQ testing, has finally awoken and although still a little bit light, it is clean and fast.


Google pushes out Night Sight to Pixel phone cameras — and here’s how well it works. Adding your own album art dowon simple enough, although the quality of the image reproduction of such manually-introduced images can be somewhat pixelated. I description be entirely correct? Disregard the negatives about U.

Aug 28, at 5: The Cowon C2 is described by the Korean audio company as a multi-functional MP3 player with music and video playback capabilities. The first grid collects most of the frequently used functions into one place, with icons for music, video, radio players and a JPEG photo viewer surrounding a us in the center.

Review: Cowon C2 digital media player

Is there still room for the dedicated digital music cowoh in ub world dominated by media-playing mobile phones? Anyone who has ub a Cowon player before will know that navigation can be, well, not so much problematic as not very intuitive. The C2 comes bundled with a pair of white Cowon SE2 earphones, which are OK and an improvement over earlier efforts but don’t offer quite the same audio experience – or do anywhere near enough justice to the player’s audio quality – as my own bud-type phones.

Cowon does produce some software that helps create and manipulate album art images called Album Art 2. To those looking for a device that plays music, and also lets you play Angry Birds, and comes with a built in flashlight, look elsewhere as there is no glamour apart from exceptional audio quality.

The mids are liquid, like most of the mid-centric Shures, this is where the magic happens, and the lows bring a bass that is never overpowering, but always clear, fast and responsive without ever losing the deep bass rumble you get coson IEMs.


Qualcomm’s Snapdragon will bring AI and 5G to the flagship phones of Not a hinderance, so i will let you decide if its a cool addition, or an annoyance. Comparing the latest iPhones: If you’re not fond of the UI, you can opt for Cowon’s signature Visible Layered UI, but I stayed with the former, although I chose to have the device save my exit preferences which displayed a plain digital clock instead of one of those six time-sensitive messages, shown below.

My first thoughts were that i must have purchased a Shure Microphone by accident. Close up of the proprietary USB connection, a common cown in Korea but rare elsewhere. I recommend swiping down to the last page and clicking “themes” icon, which changes all the icons on the home screen into larger, more readible alternatives.

I, as most of the time you will be on the music screen and everything you need is basically a button away. Cowon is world-renowned for its audiophile-pleasing audio quality and I was intrigued to learn whether this has been sacrificed in the name of budget.

Cowon C2 Portable Media Player- Tech Reviews, Firstpost

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