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To create the request file please follow the steps below:. Downloads TouchDesigner Shared Examples. You have total freedom to define the license models and the repository where licenses are stored, and have the opportunity to mix and match the wide array of options available:. If you want to take TouchDesigner anywhere you go, a dongle license option is available for the ultimate in mobility and convenience. WibuCmRaU file send to you by Dynamixyz. The server computer will have the dongle plugged in, the client computers will then receive a license from the dongle server when requested.

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Thus, users can easily transfer licenses from one computer to another by plugging the CmDongle into coemeter machine they need. Purchasing a dongle will let you put one of the licenses in your account onto a secure USB licensing dongle.

Software vendors can partition the storage space into different areas, with a choice of the following types:. If your needs match even one of these points, CodeMeter is the optimal technology for you.

License Dongle

Privacy policy About Derivative Disclaimers. To create the request file please follow the steps below: The latest version can be downloaded from the CodeMeter website: Each CmDongle offers kByte of memory for your licenses, which can accommodate up to 2, licenses with different license models.


It requires that you have the CodeMeter Runtime installed on the server, see above. Thus, no additional drivers are required, and the user can connect to a PC and use a CmDongle vongle having administrator privileges. doongle

All on a CmDongle. The core of every CmDongle is a smart card chip, which includes a microcontroller with a secure storage area for cryptographic keys and the firmware. In each CmContainer, you can license up to 2, products simultaneously.

To import the file please follow the steps below: Protection Suite is the tool that automatically encrypts your applications and libraries. If there were other keys previously installed on the computer through the Key ManagerTouchDesigner will use the highest available key type from either the installed keys or the dongle.

License Dongle – Derivative

Essentially, each user receives the same software, but a different license that entitles him to use your protected software to the extent allowed by you.

This process allows the activation, upgrading, and deactivation of licenses. CodeMeter as a Process. This specific CmStick is highly recommended if the software is time limited and rarely used. Once saved, the secret keys never leave the unit. This architecture allows the delivery of your software and data directly via a CmDongle. Datasheet Datasheet Please contact support dynamixyz. CmDongles are enabled with two communication interfaces: With a tamper-proof receipt, CodeMeter automatically ensures that the action was performed successfully.


Each CmDongle can store licenses from different vendors in separate areas. You have total freedom to define the license models codemeher the repository where licenses are stored, and have the opportunity to mix and match the wide array of options available:.

CodeMeter | CmDongle – Hardware based copy protection: Wibu Systems

Additional Mass Storage Flash Memory. Software vendors can make a choice before delivering the units, and songle HID or MSD themselves or leave the choice open to their customers.

Please include screen shot of the error message. Smart Card Chip for Top Security. Downloads TouchDesigner Shared Examples.

The license is saved in a special file that is bound to the hardware of the target computer. Each of these licenses may be a multi-user license with thousands of concurrent seats.

In many but not all network environments this can be confirmed by pinging the server computer’s IP address.