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Obviously an adjustment has been made to the OS to allow landscape mode, but other than that there are few enhancements to the core Palm OS and applications. Keyboard The built in keyboard is the largest and most spacious ever found on a Clie. Screen The screen is a swivel design that can be rotated and used in both the flip up and tablet mode. How to survive with 32 GB. I will buy it in the heartbeat!!!

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Finally, the Zaurus doesn’t xlie PalmOS. Picsel falls well short in functionality meaning that most buyers will end up shelling out more money for software to meet this need.

The UX50 debuts Sony’s new handheld processor system, suitably dubbed the handheld engine. To my knowledge, no one has yet invented a real two-thumb keyboard.

Uz50 to eBay Return policy for more details. Again, I think people are missing out on the memory thing How did you score the m? Through the prefs screen the UX50 can be connected to any other Bluetooth enabled device. I am having some trouble getting it set up but it takes time and patience.

Want to charge on the road?


When in tablet mode, the layout is nearly identical, with the addition of WiFi and Bluetooth indicator lights on side of the clid. I too, spent a great deal of time with this machine at the store.


I have to concur as well. Going to bed at night and wifi’ing to my DSL wireless router and being online!! It might not be tops on the list, but a good keyboard can make a PDA so much more useful. But to someone whose Tunsten T feel apart, screws came out, backlit stopped working, face vlie scratched up U5x0 are too many instances where you have to grab the stylus and readjust your hands, just to do a single tap on the screen.

Sony Clie PEG UX50 Review

We reserve the right to cancel certain sales based on specifics and price of yx50 as well as buyer’s history. I find the launcher to be cluttered and difficult to use and quickly reverted to the Palm standard. There actually are 4 way arrow directional keys, but they are basically just used to control the cursor and can’t scroll items on the screen. Latest products in our mobile pc database.

That is with heavy use, with lots of wireless and camera action going on. The virtual graffiti u5x0 may also be situated to the left, should the user prefer.

Review – Sony Clie UX50

Don’t we have this already? The keys were well spaced and offered great feedback. You can move in larger chunks by depressing the button and scrolling at the same time, but I find this to be frustrating and quite ineffective.


I hope Sony can address this with a software update and add screen rotation, but for me this was not a deal breaker.

Review – Sony Clie UX50

You may also manage the list of known connections so when the device is trying to auto connect, cie will start at the top of your list. Frankly, I think it dlie be cool to do a “Palm to Palm” sync. However, this implementation is quite different from those in the past. I worked with a UX50 for 3 hours at Circuit City living in the country has some perks and ran across several things that completely removed the UX50 from consideration.

Multi-touch interfaces and gestural commands are what always gets me irked. Then you’ll clis a winner. Learn More – opens in a new window or tab. Anyway, you can pick it up here for free to simplify the process of pairing devices and getting things properly set up on the UX