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Thus you will not get anything video in MC. Has anyone got Ceton working in Win And it comes with a free USB mouse and keyboard , a rather head-scratching giveaway because anyone going the couch route with their media center needs a wireless mouse and keyboard. Drivers for the device can be found on the manufacturers webpage here. Without both of those steps, MythTV won’t know what channels you have, or what shows are airing.

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Karl Beem on January 27, So I went to the web interface it says Copy Protection: I would pick one that might be in the clear to ensure you don’t have encryption issues say, channel 3, or 5, or 8 in the United States.

Is cetton signal-to-noise ratio weak? You shouldn’t have to update the firmware. Skip backwards 5 seconds giving yourself a second buffer and it should clear up. It can’t get a lock and I can’t view anything — The key here will be the codes: Bugwhat Recent member Posts: Could someone please help me fix this?

Get a Ceton InfiniTV 4 tuner for $169.99 shipped

Well, here you go! Exit adapyer of the setup, re-start the back-end and test:. Plus, there’s no monthly fee on top of what you’re already paying for cable. See below if you’re using MythTV 0. Whenever you want to re-access the tuner from the remote machine, you can re-run thner above command. Karl Beem on January 28, So the savings today aren’t monumental — but it’s still the best deal I’ve seen on this adapter. This was required for certain channels to work.


You should be able to now access the card’s internals from your web browser, typically http: Is MythTV already set up? I know aadpter I got my first cable card, the cable company didn’t send me a ‘Tuning Adapter’. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. This was their reply. Ceton should have instructions for that. I had bad luck trying to forge ahead without pulling channels at this point, and if you’re a novice at this, it will make things more confusing.

NIS remains a top-rated security solutionand although there are permanently free alternatives, why not get commercial-grade stuff if you can? It says “Device or Resource Busy” when trying to do the test playback — There’s something else adxpter to watch TV at the same time.

Windows 8 Ceton Infinitv 4 setup. It might take a good 30 minutes to run.

Ceton InfiniTV 6 Ethernet Tuner ETH Cable Network for CableCARD | eBay

Over the long run, it costs way less than TiVo. You should exit out of mythtv-setup and run:. So here are the three possible values for copy protection status: Any help would be appreciated.


The cable card thinks it’s working, it sees channels and can tune to them well it say it is the Ceton software says it has a signal. There’s no recording scheduled — Did you attach cston video sources to the recorders AND then run mythfilldatabase?

Next to that, there will be a link for the Host ID or Pairing Information screen the exact wording will vary depending on your cable operator’s configuration. The Ceton card runs a DHCP server so most distros will automatically give your machine an IP address on the ctn0 device once you install the driver.

I had to upgrade to MythTV 0.