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Download this jar, add it to the classpath of your application and execute it. Hi, Thanks for your feedback, don’t hesitate to post your issue on forum. Hi All, I have to connect to Mysql database i have done the connection in metadata. An Exception is thrown if this timeout is exceeded. Best regards Sabrina — Don’t forget to give kudos when a reply is helpful and click Accept the solution when you think you’re good with it. Sorry guys i forgot to add “mysql-connector-java

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Updating MySQL driver to 6.0.2 breaks existing datasource connections

Nothing complex here – you have mysql configured, but the jdbc driver for mysql either you never installed or never placed in the classpath. This solved problem. A Day in the Life of an Integration Developer.

Ca nnot load JDBC driver class ‘com. Michael Tarimo 8 Did you put the MySQL jar in the working directory somewhere? Can you post the stack information of the exception?


spring – Getting otFoundException: Exception – Stack Overflow

And since I’m total beginner I was for the most basic guide and found this. Maximum number of dB connections in pool. Driver'” in the stack trace of tomcat. Driver ” Please note the ‘mysql-connector-java The Definitive Guide to Data Quality.

Hi scmalshah, What build version you’re using?

java – Can’t find jdbc driver? – Stack Overflow

Driver” ; Until that works eg file is in class pathyou will continue to have sadness. Could not load db driver class: Our developer will check it.

Please try using the com. MySQL driver is not accessible to your code Vaibhav. Try to download ‘ mysql-connector-java Class name for the old mm. Apr 16 ’15 at 7: Hi, Please refer to online document Identify required external modules and Install external modules. Vicky 6, 13 62 Cannot load JDBC driv er class ‘com.

Sorry guys i to add “mysql-connector-java Driver must be in: Post as a guest Name.

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Driver driver name and put a mysql-connector jar into your classpath. Dunno really, will use com. Driver from now on. You must change the Java.lang.clssnotfoundexception Settings. It’s probably my lack of knowledge and it could be not much of a problem, but when you are new to it it looks like first world’s problem D:. You should find a better tutorial that takes you from beginning to end.

Hi All, I have to connect to Mysql database i have done the connection in metadata.