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The paper size can be specified in opening the window and is kept fixed usually. Remove all these GrWin. Toggle setting the storing mode. This version This is a beta release of the project of the GrWin Library. The origin of the LDCS is at the top-left of the paper, the horizontal axis is taken to the right, and the vertical to the bottom. GrWin Graphics Library Version 0.

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In developing this project, a top priority is to make a free system, and currently main targets are MinGW Activating a client window some interactive operations to the client window or the associated application can be done from the menu bar of the frame window.

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In the subfolders demo and pgplot in the GrWin foldervarious pieces of source code 600-ddiver available as examples. Usually the landscape mode is selected from here.

This toolkit would be useful if you want to add new features or to modify specifications of the GrWin library for your own purposes. In contrast to [Replay], minimum objects are used to refresh a rectangle on the display surface using backgrownds and the buffer, if 600-driiver.

All the other submenu items are common in Windows applications.


Technical Resources

Redraws the active client caldomp in the replay mode where all the object are used to replay an animation for example. The paper size can be specified in opening the window and is kept fixed usually. To make all executables to the source files in those directories using a compiler based on GNU, i.

The unit of the LDCS matchs 1 pixel on the display. If you — to know what an installer is doing in the installation process, consult the source file lGrWnbe-XXX.

Turning this mode ON, redrawings of complicated graphic objects or scrollings in the [Bitmap] mode described below can be done faster. Print the active client window. Fits the frame size to the current view of the client window with the size of the view 600-rriver. If you want to customize them an initialization file.

Set up the printer.

Save the data displayed on the active client 600-dirver to a file with the name specified by a file dialog. To subscribe to the list send a mail to grwin-request esrf. Of course it is not closed for Japanese users and everyone is welcome to join it, though articles are preferable to be written in Japanese.

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The version of this grwnd. See for further details the descriptions for the submenu items for [Mode] below. To get a copy of the help message, 600-driver a mail to Majordomo esrf. Metafiles can be readily embedded in documents without loss of quality if you are using MS-Word or one of many other applications that support metafiles.


Show Supported Printers

This is useful to make custom colors. In some cases where unexpected result was displayed or the execution time is too long, etc. The origin is at the bottom-left of the paper in the NLCS with the vertical axis to the top.

Any donation of source code would be very appreciated. To save the data in the enhanced metafile format set the extention of the file name ’emf’. Command line options for grwnd. When selected this mode, the crosshairs cursor appears and you can drag move mouse with the left mouse button down it to 600-dgiver any area bounded with a rubber band.

The menu bar has the following submenus: Flushes all suspended objects belonging to the active client window. The names, with omitted the extensions. Supported compiler systems compiler abbr.