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My goal is to get back in a competitive mode for the race. He and his wife, Meredith, married last November. Instead, he tries to pass me on a corner where no one passed before. Share With Your Friends. Roman Holiday Club News: Related News Handpainted 1: So in he switched gears and took over as co-owner of Indianapolis-based Bradley Motorsports, a racing team his father and now fellow co-owner founded in

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InBuzz Calkins attended the Indianapolis for the first time and told his dad caljins racing at Indy was what he wanted to do.

Buzz Calkins | Colorado Motorsports Hall of Fame

He thinks that a team must develop a good relationship with the engineer to breed success, and that’s what Bradley Motorsports had with original engineer Ken Anderson.

Why cant you get the cars on track for speed testing in ealy May like in the old days? Where Are They Now? Then Calkins went out and put his name in the record book as the first IRL winner.

Alumni News, Spring , Northwestern Magazine

D5 Creation Powered by: Decals and markings on the model generally match up with photos from the event. Pep Boys IRL practice sessions will start at 11 a. Arce second annual Radisson is scheduled to start at 2 p. Buzz takes fuel and tyres during the Indy pic — Artemis Images. Bradley Motorsports is a rare team.


It also sparked dreams of a rewarding career in racing. In fact, they are so far out of alignment, I suspect the part has been fitted backward during assembly. It was May 24,when Calkins, then 16, attended his first Indianapolis When I started out, it was my ambition to bhzz in the Indianapolis Wish I could have been more of a part fore sure.

I have either warched or lestened on the radio since and all I can say at this point is the coverage of this race is abysmal. Since Tony George took over, it has only been about money, advertising.

After a 10th-place finish in the Indianapolis in May, Calkins followed up with consecutive 15th-place finishes at Texas and New Hampshire. No news, no speeds.

The race is less than 20 days from today. Roman Holiday Club News: I assume Minichamps used this casting because at the Walt Calkina race the cars were fitted with big wings, and the wings on the road course casting are not dissimilar.

Verizon IndyCar Series Statistics

Thing is, IRL never raced on road courses in those days. After graduation from Kellogg Calkins returned to the racetrack full time but soon found his passion for driving waning. That and real estate. What a great article Buzz! Braun previously worked with driver Jimmy Kite at Team Scandia.


Dinsmore knew both played pool, and the result was a charity 8-ball game at a casino in Las Vegas. It was his initial exposure to the glamour of auto racing, and the Colorado go-kart champion was hooked.

As of today, we the fans, who pay for all of this, we have no idea of the speeds this year. Brad Calkins said things had fallen apart at Indy and that the team had to back up. Then on the 18th and final lap I saw this red car coming and knew it was Buzz.

Instead, he tries to pass me on a corner where no one passed before. Calkins is also working on a deal in conjunction with calknis racing sector.

Calkins always looked toward the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where he made six starts, led four laps and had a best finish of 10th in for his family-owned Bradley Motorsports team. His racing career took off from there.