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SLB mode works with all Ethernet switches without configuring the switch ports to any special trunking mode. The snmpget and snmpgetnext commands can be used to receive the BASP snmp objects such as:. All primary NIC interfaces in a team will participate in Load-balancing operations by sending and receiving a portion of the total traffic. BASP for Linux is shipped in mixed forms, where the platform and kernel specific files are in source code, and the core file is in object form. Optional parameters for the driver can be supplied as command line arguments to the insmod command. This mode is protocol-independent and all traffic will be load-balanced and fault-tolerant.

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Configures the number of received frames before the NIC generates receive interrupt. For interface eth0, you would create a file with the name ifcfg-eth0, then add the below content. A virtual device is created for each VLAN added. This MAC address is the same address as that of the first physical interface bounded to the team.

If the patched drivers are configured into the kernel, goto step 7. The Linux driver is released in three packaging formats: Set to 0 to disable statistics updates. Patch files are included for patching the driver into some of the latest 2.


In SLB and The valid range is from 0 toand default is Patching Driver Into Kernel. Enables jumbo frames up to the specified MTU size.

Interrupt will be generated when either of these thresholds is exceeded.

The PCI ID Repository

Please read all restrictions and disclaimers. Complete the installation of the contriller RPM as previously described. The valid values are:. Note that the –force option is needed if installing on some distributions that may already contain an older version of the driver. Selects the line speed of the link. Note that the configuration script name must be prefixed with “team-“. Following steps for Red Hat Linux distributions only.

Enables or disables transmitting flow control pause frames. If the patched drivers are configured as modules, goto step 6.

Unsupported SSL/TLS Version

Configures the number of 1 usec ticks before the NIC generates receive interrupt after receiving a frame. The driver diskette images for the most recent Red Hat versions are included. When the maximum frame size is less than MTU size less thanthis gugabit is not used and is always 0.

The file name must be prefixed with “ifcfg-” then the physical adapter alias. Note that if the removed physical interface does not participate in any traffic, there will not be any problem. Note that if not all the virtual network interfaces are configured with an IP address, there will be an error message in starting the BASP team. For users of other Linux gigabi, follow instructions in the “baspcfg” section.


See the ifconfig man page for details.

Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Driver Download

This mode is protocol-independent and all traffic will be load-balanced and fault-tolerant. To unload the driver, use ifconfig to bring down all eth interfaces opened by the driver, then do the following:.

Step 2 “Modify the configuration script” should be performed whenever there is any change to the broaddcom configuration. On systems with insufficient memory, it may be necessary to reduce this parameter. This step is optional and should only be done by users familiar with configuring and building the kernel.

To rectify the situation, locate the rpm-build package on the Red Hat installation media and install it using the command: