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This happens because driver initialises before root is mounted and cannot load proper firmware. I will try more tomorrow Getting following error when starting glxgears: Up to date repos give a ati driver with the above patch applied 6. I have sold this problem thx too javajake!!

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You should see some resemblance between this and the page I showed you above. Originally Posted by octoberblu3 Well, to get the whole thing working, you need the latest kernel 2. OK, the secondary monitor thing doesn’t have anything to do with this.

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Unfortunately all I can say is to play with the options listed in the xorg. It just means your video card doesn’t support certain effects, like water ripples, etc.

I assume you know how to use the terminal! If you found one, let us know so we can benefit. Will keep you updated if things go well ; I hope you read the “Important Stuff to Read” section. Be sure to change the “Driver ‘ati'” part to “Driver ‘radeon'”.


Vendor 0x1 Product 0x1 [ We need to do this to avoid firmware initialization problem, if it is not accessible before root FS is mounted. I found I have his same problem Org Foundation” [ It’s just a matter of making the crashes fewer 6m-p be able to live with ’em.

Unfortunately, I’m stumped for thoughts on how to fix it.

Only test so far has been to run glxgears for an hour with no problems. Dadeon I saw a tip: But now I can with 3D accel. I did have to drop down to bit, but that’s okay.

Just tried one Game with wine yet. Let me know if there’s any other info you want. SlackBuild script, or just make a complete new one from piecing together the configure calls and the like. What I’ll do as I did for someone else is integrate your xorg.

ATI Mobility Radeon M6

I’ll be sure to look into your logs, and see what I can do. No need for that now, since you already did all hard work.


It simply means your card doesn’t support different effects. Just try switching things on, and seeing what gives you better results.

Thank you very much!!!

Radeon kms works!

If not, please do not continue, and see the Troubleshooting section at the bottom. I experienced the total freezes too see previous post http: Thank you very much, specially for SlackBuilds!

D Beryl seems to be moility more popular choice recently, but I’ll start looking at other options.

After that I hope to work on one of those fancy window managers. This tells me that your resolution or depth is too high. Ok, so now I have been trying out various combinations of the parameters in the “Device” section of the xorg. This will reduce screen quality not too much, though.