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The fuller they are, the slower they’ll perform.. Define the content of the pm-notification here. Download the bios file to the pendrive via the usb 2. Not looking forward to going to windows 8 atm. If I’ve missed anything feel free to ask again. Look the answer to the post bellow. Martin Pitt pitti wrote on

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Kinda makes the money I spent on the other drives pointless No benefit at all. Email me about changes to this bug report.

This weird “boot camp” disappeared some months after Vista release they jmg36x published some kind of driver update to the SATA -controller?? I know Nodens tapered with it Silly Windows 8, no need to tell me!!! Tried all Bios’s for the board and all drivers that could be found and still that same issue.

No it should work with any Also I am not responsible if this eats your data or makes you grow hair on your forhead. P since you are on 7 Also did you follow all directions to the letter including running WEI? Also I’d be more interested in if you know any people using my patch with Vertex 4 on Windows 7 with success.


If you are concerned about performance only then you should test both out and see which suits you: This is NOT fixed in Edgy Knot 3, there also seems to be some sort of halt on the release of daily builds from before when Chuck submitted his fix – what a pain!

Thank you for this bios ROM If you get a chance, can you please provide a driver for Plain P9X79 version current mod version is It’s not worth sepnding time to patch them though because they’re not actually needed for the function to work. Zitat von maxbox im Beitrag 1 Now I found a big problem in win 8.

I should get the Rampage III Extreme along with rajd system this week or early next week after chirstmas So with this in mind, and with Christmas around the corner, i should have the board installed in the system this coming weekend No, create an account now.

Damn, was just thinking about ordering a pair of OCZ Vertex 4 drives.

JMicron JMB36x problems

OK, I will try that again. This is an issue as to the BIOS, I am unable to recreat the Blue Screens in ” Perhaps you should post a new thread about it and we’ll take it from there but do answer the above questions.


BTW I’m confirming this too. Here is what I have done. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. This is good for me, changing the USB drive: Log in or Sign up.

And repeated the exercise several times. So instead of having a total of 2.

SATA & IDE HDD Drive Together

Nodens, You had mentioned Vector raid 0 set ups and their working with your modified bios. Hi Nodens, excuse me but wath I’ve explained before, is due to a little confusion. This bug should be considered Critical. I verified Correct Driver is loaded. If some1 have a fix for that shitty controller I would take it: As of fiesty Fawn, I still am unable to make this work.

Open it up and it says I have no Sammy ssd’s, they are in R0. I did upgrade my P6T bios, to the new one, still the same issue.