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The tallest side-fold Airgo rollator around! The ankle is supported by 2 polypropylene shells, which are connected by a plastic stirrup at both sides of the ankle and a shell underneath the heel. A crossing strap is used to prevent or limit talar shift and to protect the anterior talofibular ligament. Podzielny S, Hennig EM. Wilcoxon signed rank tests were conducted post hoc to detect which conditions differed statistically. We evaluated the maximal joint angles of the foot for the 3 ankle braces and compared them with a control unbraced condition using 2 protocols:

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Vizta directions are also considered relevant in the evaluation of ankle braces. Removable footrests lock conveniently to the side of the frame. The aim of our study was to compare the stabilizing effects of 3 ankle braces: Product Tags Add Your Tags: The Airgo Fusion was designed to allow you to remain independent and live your life to the fullest.

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Verhagen EA, Bay K. Hinged qirgo braces supposedly allow almost free dorsiflexion and plantar flexion of the foot in the sagittal plane. The dependent variables were maximal angles of 1 inversion, 2 eversion, 3 plantar flexion, 4 dorsiflexion, 5 internal rotation, and 6 external rotation. The left foot was chosen arbitrarily before the study began. Effects of ankle support on lower-extremity functional performance: J Orthop Sports Phys Ther.


The handgrips come with built-in reflectors for more safety in airho dark. Testing Procedures Ankle Braces We tested 3 commercially available braces and the control condition using a within-subjects crossover design.

Airgo Vista V20 Side-Folding Rollator

Support Center Support Center. Optimising ankle sprain prevention: Patients or Other Participants: Engineered to provide unparalled comfort and security with every step. Maximal angles for each movement were recorded at a defined torque 12 Nm for dorsiflexion, 9 Nm for the other movements. Instrumentation The electrical signal of the goniometer was recorded with the Noraxon system Noraxon USA Inc, Scottsdale, AZ with a sampling frequency of Hz and bista filtered with a low-pass finite impulse response filter.

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With built-in reflectors for more safety in the dark. Wheels positioned outside the handles for better stability. The lightest rollator available: Comfort-gripTM wheels provide shock absorption, better brake performance, and they’re easier to clean. Measurements of rearfoot motion during running.

Airgo® Vista Rollator V20 – Stellar Silver

J Foot Ankle Surg. However, sport-related movements such as running, jumping, or cutting maneuvers during which most ankle injuries occurand the stabilizing effects of braces during ankle sprain mechanisms deserve further biomechanical investigation.


In vivo investigation of tendon responses to mechanical loading. To locate a provider, please use our provider network found here: Orthotic devices in functional treatment of ankle sprain: Neuromuscular properties and functional aspects of taped ankles.

Specific inclusion criteria were experience in sports requiring running or jumping and regular alrgo activity during the week. Therefore, we performed Friedman tests for paired data to determine differences among all brace conditions and the control condition. Standard height and hemi height in one frame!

Consequently, the stabilizing effects of braces need to be evaluated. Rotation was less restricted by all braces, so the braces cannot be recommended to avoid rotational movements to the limits of comfort.

Its lightweight design and unparalleled stability provide the confidence to walk safely again. Ankle-Foot Joint—Complex Testing We evaluated the maximal viata angles of the foot for the 3 ankle braces and compared them with a control unbraced condition using 2 protocols: