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Final Fantasy 7 PC is basically an unofficial remake of Final Fantasy 7 game that won the nation over. It also fixes the speed issues for the mini-games through limiting the frames, amongst other things. Has anyone else tried? I don’t know what the cutoff point is for activating AA We’ll remove such comments and posts. The specifics of exactly where the cache resides is technically up to your OpenGL implementation but it’s safe to assume that it does count towards the bit address space limit.

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Please source all art and cosplay in the post title or comments. Aali on Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

Bad graphics :: FINAL FANTASY VII General Discussions

Has anyone else tried? Has anyone else had any luck using 7H with the new driver?

Is the new driver maybe not loading png textures correctly? The last thing, which bugs me are the shadows in battle.


The working link is http: Sure the resolutions and models are updated, but the build of the game hasn’t changed and still looks like a pre game. Out of game the key mapping works, but in game the dpad input doesn’t grapnics anything.


Start a New Discussion. Original PS1 in game music, enhanced cinematics, non-deformed character models, etc. Nice work Aali, gonna start testing it now quickly, works great on my laptop now as well thank you, Controller still not working in FF8.

New Vegas All Hot Posts. The Aali driver itself is functioning correctly, but the team avalanche mod refuses to run, responding with the driver being installed incorrectly. Correction, meant to say EAXUnified. Want to add to the discussion?

Bootleg: A MOD tool for PC version of Final Fantasy VII

I used the ‘s for my fmv mod and they work fine in a converted game. The driver significantly improves the core graphics of the game, making it much crisp and high quality.

The original game had a tremendous impact on gamers, which resulted in demand for a remake with better graphics. If you get a crash, provide a copy of crash. Save in creative mode of Minecraft How To: I just noticed that your last grraphics registry keys may be wrong.


My problem with the battle menu seems like it maybe related to the video driver. Which version should I play?

I have one bug with the Chocobo race.

If you kick the braphics out of the Iro files every thing should work. If it’s system memory being used I can really crank that up and see if that does it. DLPB on Any fix for the controller issues? I was wondering about the limited RAM cache issue. Red46 on Applying this mod to Final Fantasy 7 PC is relatively easy.

Origins toolset How To: Have you tried to disable compressed textures? The only thing that could have stopped A04 is antivirus software or not running as admin.