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A solar engine circuit monitors the voltage, and when it trips power is dumped through the motor. Meanwhile, for ultra-low-power 5V – 12V applications for Nv , Nu , or oscillator circuits, use a 74 C Q6 will not have any base current nor collector current. With less light pin one rises above the threshold and becomes high. A small capacitor 0. IV Two inverters in U6 and U7 are used for signal reversing and are connected between the outputs of each of the master bicore s front legs and the slave bicore s rear legs to control turning with enable signals from the photo comparator circuit.

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But I wanted something slightly more complex than a single-motor turbot. The values given for a nominal 5 volts with a range of about 2. It was my first well-functioning head, and I like the way it turned out. But the compact construction appeals to me. The copper loops are actually large C-clips from some large projector or copier lens assemblies, hot-glued onto the motor body, and soldered to eachother. The Slave Bicores The slave bicore s delay the phase angle of the front legs with respect to the rear legs which are controlled by the master bicore s.

The simplest are just motors driven by a solar engine, and have no directional ability; these are commonly known as a turmets. There are two 74ACs: Assume LED1 is dark.

The reversers between the master and slave bicore s determine whether the front and rear legs on opposite corners are moving in the same 74ca240 opposite direction when the legs are on the ground. May 23, 6 0. Look no further because the Trinket has got you covered. May 23, 7. The result is a dual solar panel head, with no additional photodetectors. This technique was simple to apply to the bare bones head circuit too with the modification suggested by Wilf Rigter here.


This is done by routing the signals through one of two parallel 74ac24 May 23, 3.

This current will be greater than that which can be absorbed by R3 and the excess will turn Q4 ON causing current to flow in R1.

See the data sheet for yet more details on this chip.

The small motors are from laptop CD-ROM drives, and the 774ac240 engine is positioned between the motors and the capacitor. I might try it with a lower voltage trigger at some point.

Octal Inverting Buffer

The base is made from parts of a hard drive motor. Note that the waist reverser in U8 uses one output each from the two master bicore s and when enabled by collision switches, changes the phase angle of the waist rotation.

The 74AC chips U1-U5 are used as H-bridge style motor drivers since they have almost double the drive current compared to 74HC chips. This guy works well. One HLO output then goes low steady state and a capacitor at the corresponding 74xc240 tristate input pin 19 discharges through motlr parallel resistor until the threshold is reached enabling the turning reverser.

See the data sheet for mogor on this chip. II Two master suspended bicore s in U5 and 6 are coupled at their inputs with a 7. This is very useful if you have a ‘bot powered by a 9V battery you’ll need lower voltages to run most of your circuitry, since CMOS is designed to run on 5V or less.


Nv-based stepper motor drive

The trick here is to get a circuit that is motr efficient so can blink the LEDs for as long as possible once it gets darkand blinks the LEDs 7ac240 interesting ways. I experimented with a number of power-smart head circuits on the breadboard, but none seemed as simple and reliable as the bare-bones photo head.

Both inverter outputs will oscillate when the light on the photodiode s is balanced and the photo bridge midpoint voltage is near the switching threshold of the first inverter input. Its body is the 74AC chip, with a capacitor abdomen.

BEAM Robots

Two optional resistors are connected in series with the photodiode to limit current in bright light and prevent photodiode destruction in case of a wrong connection during assembly and testing. VI The waist reverser uses two inverter 74aac240 in U8 and is connected between one output of each of the U6 and U7 master bicore s and the waist slave bicore circuit inputs described in V.

Let’s compare output current capabilities:.