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This is caused by a false primary or wrong phasing. I don’t remember the exact part number, but it had a reverse recovery time of something like nS. As you can see in the poto the GND line is a mess and also the signal on the drain of my transistor is oscillating. I was using battery of 10 — 12V to run the circuit, and in like seconds of arcs, it just stop oscillating, I was able to hear Flyback slowing down until it stopped working.. Nice arcs, sounds good too. And what would I need to do to increase the volume of the music provided by this device? I just moved on to bigger projects before I got to do it.

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Tune these factors to get the best output which suits for you. Moafet 22, at I only have 2 left. Notice how everyone uses a mask when welding? Your email address will not be published.

Any help would be great! Thanks very much for your help. I can get a spark approx 1. It will be funny!

You seem to be guessing this thing, and the need to understand you transformer characteristics is paramount for you. I am getting very small arcs accross flyback secondry.


555 Audio modulated flyback

Thaks for your help ;D. Could you take a look to it and tell me if its OK? I tried using two instead only one conecting base to base, colector to colector, etc, but I have not the spark I expected.

As this circuit has the timer supplied from the same source as the primary circuit you can not supply it with more than the maximum ratings for the specific timer type you use, look it up in the datasheet. Hey Mads, A friend and I just put together the circuit mofset exactly as it was depicted in your schematic. January 15, at October 27, at Basically just check that everything is wired correctly, if it is, check that all the parts are functioning.

Try to calculate the resonant frequency of your secondary with the aluminium topload, then see if you can modify the circuit to be in range of that same frequency. I am using a org ….

transformer – Flyback NEN driver and mosfet overheat – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

These are just a few signs that the machine is alive and kicking. June 18, at Is that took many? Due to the large turns ratio of the flyback the few hundred volts at the primary become several thousand volts on the secondary.


In lieu of a flybacck diode across the primary, you can use a zener across the coil rated at some voltage lower than the transistor breakdown voltage.

Flyback Transformer Drivers

A longer ON mosffet will give a greater current in the current sensing resistor. May 21, at Is there anyway to amplify it substantially? You can avoid that by using high voltage coil driver transistors which can eat volts or maybe more. Please response Thank you. Hi Jose Thanks for the advice on improving the circuit, though it is already mentioned in the conclusion that this circuit is self destructive, but very simple and contains almost no components.

You can test for me. The arc is very very hot and I had to extend the copper wires where it is drawn between to avoid the heat being transferred far enough to start melting the flyback transformers casing. Why does the schematic only have one transistorbut your build in the video has two? Alex, you are on the right track.